We all know that students should have the opportunity to review their learning at the end of a lesson, but how can this be achieved? Here's some ideas taken from a variety of websites.

List 3 things you learnt today

  • Compare with a partner and justify your choices/ranking
  • Write 3 top tips/golden rules for...
  • Identify one other text type where these rules apply
  • Write me a tweet about today's lesson (140 characters)
  • Draw a spider diagram showing what you have learnt today
  • Draw a mind-map showing what you have learnt today

Baseline and Final Point

  • Students put questions on post-it notes at lesson start after aims/objectives have been shared by teacher (good base-line exercise)
  • Can they then answer the question on the reverse at the end?
  • Continuum line at start and end of lesson. Where are they now?

If lesson aim was set as question, students answer question on whiteboards

  • Set word limit for answer
  • Require key technical vocabulary in answer

Write definitions for 3 new terms learned today

  • Compare with partner and select best, justifying your choices
  • How would you explain the definition to another pupil, an adult, a Professor?

Show finished class work to partner - judge against criteria provided by teacher (colour coding, +/-)

  • Give each other a level or grade
  • Set each other one target for improvement

Show extract from anonymous student's work - class identify 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses

  • Give a level/grade against extended criteria

Prediction exercises - what will happen next?

  • Why? Reason? Justify with evidence?

True or false? Relevant or irrelevant? Alike or different? Fact/opinion?

  • Why? Reason? 
  • Justify with evidence

Draw a timeline or chart showing cause and effect, sequence, chronological order

  • Highlight the hotspots/definitive moments in terms of...(sharpen the criteria for selection)